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2013 Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley
Participating Teams


Intel Global Challenge 2013: Team Summaries


Appetite+, Venezuela
Info: www.appetiteapp.co / Twitter: @getappetite / Email: benjamin@appetiteapp.co
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/appetiteplusapp?ref=hl

Have you ever wondered what apps your friends have? Or what apps they actually like and use? How about a better way to discover cool new apps?  The answer to your questions has arrived. Appetite+ is a simple and fun way to discover and share apps with your friends.

BioRepeller, Denmark
Info: http://biorepeller.com/

Infection due to urinary catheter implantation is a major problem for affected patients, and it is costly for the health care system. Affected patients total 600,000 of the 4 million treated in both US and EU, and can in worst case lead to death, with 26,000 reported in 2012. Associated hospital costs total 600M USD every year in each region. The infection is the result of bacterial adhesion, not only an issue upon catheterization, but also in other healthcare applications causing infection including implant malfunction. Currently, there is no effective coating that prevents such adhesion and the later effects. BioRepeller is using an innovative and simple coating technique that prevents bio-adhesion onto material surfaces eliminating infection issues and implant malfunction. The business idea is to provide a novel coating step to the existing manufacturing process for catheters that will represent a large value for the user and drive premium pricing. In a proof-of-concept study the BioRepeller coating will be tested on the relevant catheters against current gold standard. The product is to be sold in both EU and US. BioRepeller expect early revenues by late 2015 after CE mark, and profit in year 2016.

CONNEXX Systems Corporation, Japan
Info: www.connexxsys.com /

The Shuttle-Battery™ is CONNEXX SYSTEMS’ patented rechargeable energy storage device.  The energy density of the device is 7,700 Wh/L.  That is more than 10 times higher than state-of-the-art (SOA) Li-ion (550Wh/L), and comparable to fossil fuel (10,000 Wh/L).  Our aim is to generate energy from the chemical oxidation reaction of inexpensive iron by air, and converting the obtained chemical energy to electricity through solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) reaction.  Since it re-creates hydrogen continuously inside the device, Shuttle-Battery™ does not require a separate hydrogen supply system or hydrogen tank like conventional SOFC.  This eliminates the necessity to make huge capital investments in hydrogen supply systems.  The proof of concept cell demonstrated zero capacity loss after 200 cycles.  Moreover, the use of inexpensive iron and air (free) as active materials make our system an extremely economical and sustainable solution.  The Shuttle-battery™ is made of non-flammable materials, and therefore, it is intrinsically safe.  Because of its high-energy density, low cost and intrinsic safety, the Shuttle-battery™ can change the paradigm of energy supply/storage in the world.  It can be applicable to cell phones as well as automobiles / houses. 

DreamZ, China
Info:  http://www.locationforlive.com/index.html / 
Facebook:www.facebook.com/pages/Jiejing-Bluetooth-Indoor-Positioning-Systems-co-LTD/1418335881721713 / Twitter:@jiejingco / Email:hidreamz@163.com

Do you often waste a large amount of time in the supermarket but could not find your desired goods? Do you spend much time in the large garage before finding your cars? Have you ever lost important items? Do you want to give users targeted advertising? L4L indoor positioning system can help us solve all these problems easily.  L4L is an integrated indoor positioning system, providing indoor navigation, article surveillance and value-added services. In large indoor spaces which have installed L4L, you open the phone and start the application, and then you can get the current location quickly; on the other hand, you can search for your destination, and you will get the appropriate route. For article surveillance, all what you need to do is to provide us with the button-sized transmitter attached to your private important items to make sure the security of those things. In this process, advertising can be customized according to user's search history, which is an attractive way of advertising. Our team members have tacit cooperation, fight for the same goal with effort and always encourage each other to face challenges. With outstanding capabilities, we have obtained the favor of several partner companies.

EgTNS, Egypt
Info: http://www.egtns.com / mhussein@egtns.com

EgTNS's (Egypt Traffic and Navigation System) innovative, patent-pending platform allows any mobile operator to leverage its existing infrastructure to avail to their subscribers accurate road traffic information, such as speeds, travel time information, congestion points, best routes and more.  This solves a daily problem and a major pain for commuters in dense, urban cities and developing countries who always need to decide between alternative routes to get from point A to point B.  The platform leverages annonymized data of the millions of mobile phones with users who are on the road every minute moving from cell to cell, and can detect congestion in real time and provide detailed analysis of city roads with two minute lag, making this info invaluable not only to individuals, but also to businesses like media, map providers, car makers and fleet/telematics providers.  Also, based on historical traffic data and aggregating more data from multiple sources, the platform will be able to predict future travel time for different routes, allowing commuters, urban planners and governments to make informed strategic decisions.

Endless Flow, China
Info: www.3000water.com / zhouyinghao@3000water.com

In China, 1/5 arable land is contaminated by heavy metal. Over 12 million tons of grain contains excessive level of heavy metal, which feeds over 40 million people per year. Heavy metal pollution draws attention from both the public and government. The market in control and removal of heavy metal is over trillion RMB.  Endless Flow Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. provide both the customized solution formulating service for heavy metal pollution and independently developed product which is a new kind of heave metal ion chelating agent - RS100, based on the most advanced research in Tsinghua University. RS100 outperforms most products in the market due to systematical design of the macromolecule agent’s molecular structure which enhances the chelating ability and ensures a scientific electric charge arrangement.  Currently, Endless Flow cooperates with the largest environmental protection enterprise of heavy metal control and removal in China to promote Endless Flow’s technology and products. After founded for 5 months, Endless Flow now helps enterprises process over thousand tons of heavy metal waste water per day. The passionate team aims to become the most professional company in heavy metal control and removal in China. 

Eventable, United States
Info: www.eventable.com / sameen@eventable.com / akash@eventable.com

Our marketing platform is focused on helping brands and retailers convert their online visitors into in-store shoppers. We use calendar feeds (that integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.) to push exclusive events and promotions to a brand’s customers. We couple this with a robust analytics and recommendation engine that is able to track a person’s in-calendar engagement (i.e. event opens, clicks, deletions) and use that data to send them personalized events. At Eventable, our mission is to help brands communicate effectively with their customers in a mutually beneficial way. Today's brands have amazing products and experiences to offer, and consumers are looking to discover these companies. However, traditional marketing has created a large chasm between these two groups. With an overload of promotional messages sent at consumers, brands run the risk of alienating core fans.  We believe marketing can be useful to both the consumer and brand. Businesses can promote their important messages to their customers in a way that is actually relevant and useful to the consumer. Customers are able to stay up to date about events and promotions from the brands and organizations that they love in a convenient way.

Ezmon Technologies, Singapore
Info: ezmon.co / Email: hello@ezmon.co

In today’s age of digital information, we consumers have access to reams of information at their fingertips. And yet, there is a dearth of information about our own bodies, as many medical procedures remain unchanged over decades. At Ezmon, we envision a world where medical devices and digital information co-exist seamlessly.  For example, in today’s age why should diabetics have to bear the pain and cost of drawing blood just to know more about their condition?  This is why we have developed “Ezmon META”, a wrist band device that measures crucial vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature, activity, and blood glucose non-invasively and wirelessly. We have also developed software that analyzes and displays the data gathered by META, providing insights for users to make key lifestyle choices. In addition, META has a key feature in which emergency situations are detected smartly and alerts are sent to caretakers immediately.  Stay Healthy. Be Confident.  Are you as excited as we are?

Exa.io, Bahrain
Info: http://www.exa.io / info@exa.io / Twitter: @Exa_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.Exa.io

Exa is a cloud rendering service for animation studios and 3D artists. It enables accessibility to tremendous computing power instantly and on demand; users can simply upload their project, and get it rendered at the fraction of time and cost. Rendering is the process of computing raw data into 3D models composing photo-realistic 3D scenes and animations. It is a very slow process; it takes hours and days to finish. Rendering speed is a real bottleneck to the industry as a whole, regardless of the company size. It requires expensive hardware, software licenses, operating and maintenance costs. With Exa Graphics Processing Units (GPU), 3D rendering speed on a single supercomputing machine can reach up to 300x times faster than what users get on their personal machines; so the jobs that used to take days to complete are finished in matter of hours or even minutes. Exa boosts productivity and saves the cost of purchasing expensive workstations. It cuts out maintenance and operating expenses and help users relieve stress and anxiety when it comes to meeting project deadlines.

Excalibur, Slovakia
Info: www.xclbr.com / www.valid.im / www.getexcalibur.com

Passwords can’t protect us anymore. The upcoming Internet of Things will need authentication to be omnipresent, seamless, secure and ideally distributed.  Excalibur is the answer. We are using the mobile phone, to solve all your authentication needs, by turning your mobile phone into a universal and secure ID for the digital age. We radically improve security, while making the authentication process practically invisible to the user. We do this by using the mobile phone to combine multiple layers of authentication to improve security, while keeping the experience seamless. Our unique distributed crypto-scheme allows us to store sensitive information securely.

Gameleon, Bulgaria
Info: http://www.gameleon.co/

Gameleon is a cloud based platform allowing anyone to Create, Publish, Play and Monetize web games using nothing more than a browser. Gameleon users create games via a visual interface, requiring no programming skills or experience on behalf of the user. It is a very intuitive platform that relies on simple interaction and familiar processes such as drag and drop to create rich, interactive game world that can provide the same level of visceral experience as top notch desktop MMO’s. Gameleon also handles the hosting, publishing and multiplayer-aspect of all games created with it, right out of the box, allowing the user to focus on the creative part.

Globsol, India
Info: www.emotesensor.tk / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Emotesensor
Email: emotesensor@gmail.com

Autistic children have problem communicating their emotions. The autistic child’s caretakers, many a times fail to comprehend the child's erratic emotions.  As per the latest global survey, one in every 88 children is born with autism. There is a need for an interface to bridge the emotional gap between the autistic child and the world. GlobSol has come up with a product – ‘EMOTE SENSOR’ which is an arm-band monitoring device for Autistic Children that help their parents understand their erratic emotions and save the child from undergoing a traumatic experience. The feedback from the device can also be used to develop an adaptive education system. The Emote Sensor uses bio-feedback mechanism with the help of sensors on the arm band and tracks the emotional escalation of the child. It sends an alarm to an Android device with the caretaker before things get out of hand. The armband has its backend running an Android app which provides a report on the prognosis of the child and allows for regulatory monitoring of the child.

Golface, Taiwan
Info: service@golface.com.tw / http://www.golface.com.tw
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/golfaceapp

Golface's main idea is to make everyone enjoy playing like a professional golfer.  For improving the quality of services, Golface provides a comprehensive and highly flexible application on iPad and iPhone for golf courses to service their members by integrating immediate reporting system, marketing and social networking functions.  The functions such as detail maps via HD aerial videos, real-time scoring, live hole usage tracking, live-event leaderboard, effortless event management, golf cart management, personal coaching system and data analyzation were previously available only at the highest levels of tournament play. But now everyone can enjoy the functions through our solutions.  Also, by building in app networking spaces, members can easily build their golf connections and friendships. We will launch special marketing tools inside for benefiting clubs and easily launching promotions/deals. The platform is not only improving the club management but also increasing the stickiness between members and courses.  The whole solutions are built to fit any golf clubs, golfers and all the tournaments around the world.

Grability, Colombia
Info: www.grability.com

Grability is a company that is changing how mCommerce works. It’s an mCommerce platform that takes all of the shopping habits of Brick and Mortar shopping into the mobile space. We reproduce the aisle arrangements, as opposed to using dull menus, showcasing more products and captivating users. This dramatically improves the shopping experience not just for consumers but also for retailers, brands and advertisers.  Being less than a year old, Grability has already achieved some very important milestones like closing a deal and fully implementing our system with one of Colombia’s biggest Supermarket and Pharmacy Chains (800+ stores), is implementing the technology with El Corte Inglés, Europe's largest department store group, and also having more than a dozen leads in the pipeline. We believe in not only gaining traction in the US market soon, but also eventually becoming the universal language in which people sell and buy online. Grability has already changed the shopping landscape in Colombia, now it’s the world’s turn.

iBinom, Russia
Info: http://www.ibinom.com / a@ibinom.com

Aiming to get a foothold in the emerging clinical next-gen sequencing market iBinom launched a simple, fast and affordable human genome interpretation service. iBinom Saas platform is an end-to-end genome interpretation solution for diagnostics of Mendelian and non-Mendelian diseases, tumor profiling, and drug response biomarker discovery studies. iBinom uses Amazon/Azure and Yandex Clouds, the world fastest proprietary algorithms, unique machine learning technology and special design of medical report. We believe that bringing iBinom service to medicine will solve the diagnostic and treatment odyssey for seriously ill patient.

Ingenious, Turkey
Info: www.ingenious.io

Not much has changed in our daily lives since the first remote controlled TV in 1950 or the first smart home system in 1960's...It's time for a change!  “Ingenious” is a convenient, plug and play smart apartment system, designed especially for young professionals.  Conventional smart home systems are basically variations of industrial automation systems, which are unnecessarily complicated for today’s busy young professionals. They all require labor and cost intensive installations plus setup with additional learning process for the end user. They are expensive, too.  With Ingenious you can turn your apartment into a smart home in just 15 minutes. This innovative product comes with all basic features you expect from a smart home and it only costs as much as a smart phone. Within a few minutes you will be able to set up the system and start experiencing the smart features of Ingenious. Controlling all electronic devices and lights in your apartment with your own smartphone and/or tablet will make your life at home easier and convenient. Ingenious targets technology affine and trend conscious young professionals who appreciate convenience at home.

KarmaShop, Mexico
Info: karmashop.org / hello@karmashop.org / twitter & instagram @karmashoporg /
Facebook: facebook.com/karmashoporg

We all have dreams and goals. But many times they can’t be accomplished because we don’t have the resources to make them happen. With Karmashop, your friends, family and even people you don’t know can help you make those dreams and goals come true!
Karmashop is a customized crowdfunding platform that lets outstanding people with great projects raise money one coffee, flight, or ______ at a time. You estimate your budget, choose from our library of icons your “survival kit”, tell your story, and share your karmashop with your network. In exchange, karmashoppers (people that help with funding) get the great feeling of helping, and of course, good karma. What’s better than that?

Kashef, Egypt
Info: mohammed_goda@live.com / Twitter: @KashefCopter
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kashef.org

The business idea is to launch a company that sells licenses and services for a product based on a patentable invention for unmanned surveillance vehicles, which can be used for homeland security purposes and other applications. We focus on the landmine detection sector, which has a huge market. The product can detect mines is based on an innovative radar technology, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), with an innovative decision-making detection algorithm that can work from a distance above ground (flying object). Since the product does not touch the ground, it adds a large value in eliminating human risk, decreasing cost, and speeding up the process. This method detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures. It can be used in a variety of media, including rock, soil, ice, pavements and structures. It can detect objects, changes in material, voids and cracks. Besides the landmine detection, the product market proves a myriad of fields and applications such as, but not exclusive to: security checks for infrastructures and underground, structure integrity check, underground pipeline check, materials detection, etc.

LUX Sensor, Brazil
Info: www.luxsensor.com

Lux Sensor is a Brazilian engineering startup spun off from State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Lux Sensor’s system provides information to drivers regarding the quality of the gasoline/ethanol in their vehicles in order prevent the dilution of those fuels by gas stations, working like a "monitoring tool" for help the governmental auditors (Brazil has almost 40000 fuel stations and just 100 auditors). This information can also be sent remotely (attached with geographic coordinate of unlawful fuel station) to an Inspection Agency in order to allow the Lux Sensor data to improve the overall fuel quality in Brazil and other countries. According to studies, 25% of gas stations in Brazil sell bad fuel and 47% of all car repairs are due to mechanical failure caused by bad fuel. Brazilian government loses 11 billion USD per year, insofar as this practice decrease the governmental tax revenues properly, where around 50% of fuel price is governmental taxing. Our technology is optical-electrical-mechanical, high sensitive and nonflammable. This same core technology can be applied for adjusting injection parameters (for example, in cold starts or when the car is running). These adjustments can improve the car’s performance, fuel combustion, reducing the environmental impact and fuel consumption.

Mobile Monitoring Station, Chile
Info: www.solunova.cl

Based on the almost complete lack of real time information on exposure to health risks of industrial workers (e.g. dust and extreme noise), especially for the mining industry, SoluNova, along with Codelco and the University of Chile, developed the idea of including a set of portable sensors in the operators clothes. The data from these sensors is then aggregated to devices such as a smartphone that would transmit readings wirelessly and push them into the cloud. Thus the Mobile Monitoring Station project was born, extending the original idea with measurement of each operators biomedical data, such as heart rate and other variables that could predict danger or fatigue situations. The solution will be offered as a service, supplying industrial sites with both the hardware and software for a monthly fee per worker, including maintenance. A dashboard available to health and safety managers includes detailed reports for review and performance tracking of security policies. We expect usage of the MMS will result in a considerable drop of worker over-exposure to dangerous factors. Also, it will allow for the creation of “live maps” of variables of interest, with a precision never seen before.

Ridev, Russia
Info: yamonax@mail.ru

Requirements to electrosafety and fire safety are growing up. It is causing demand to different types of circuit breakers. Market of circuit breakers in the USA in 2013 is about $3,8B, and by 2018 world market will be about $16B ($10B - market of all low voltage switching devices in Russia in 2013). Our technology allows to solve a topical problem in the world. Topicality of a problem was confirmed by FSI Russian research institute of fire protection. Our device can eliminate fires due to defective electrical wiring. It works when existing circuit breakers, AFCIs and fuses are ineffective. Existing devices are ineffective against sparking with low current in wiring. Sparking in electrical wiring is cause of fire in 90% cases of fires due to electricity. This device can provide safety to consumers of electrical energy when there are hidden defects in electrical wiring.  Owners of warehouses, trade premises, facilities and private houses, construction companies etc. will benefit from eliminating the most widespread reason of electrical fires.

Sensing ElectroMagnetic Plus, Italy
Info: www.semplus.eu

Sensing Electromagnetic Plus Corp, introduces the "third touch dimension" to machine user interfaces. SEM+ improves the interaction between humans and machines with pressure detection and enables new flexible and curved form factors for touch sensitive devices.  Our goal is for SEM+ technology to be recognized as the standard in touch and pressure sensing. Our mission is to “make the world simpler by augmenting the interaction experience between humans and objects”. SEM+ Corp. can fulfill the need for innovation at the core of many different businesses.

ShuR Co., Ltd., Japan
Info:http://shur.jp / https://www.facebook.com/ShuRGroup / http://slinto.com

ShuR Group was founded in 2008 by Junto Ohki, a sophomore student at Keio University, with a mission to create an equal society for the Deaf and the hearing. The company offers various IT-oriented services, such as remote interpretation, sign language keyboard, and travel guide application for smartphones. Junto became the first Ashoka Fellow in East Asia, member of Global Shaper Community at world economic forum, and the only Japanese selected for Forbes 30Under30.  SLinto (which stands for “Sign Language INTO”) is the world’s first sign language keyboard and crowd-sourced sign language dictionary. There are no way to search words in written language by sign language with “alphabet” keyboard so we create the sign language keyboard which makes people be able to type sign language with shape and position of hands. People can involve the making process of dictionary with uploading videos, evaluating, and editing the worlds like Wikipedia. This website will be the newest and biggest database of sign language in the world, the platform to create new words of sign language daily, and the community of sign language users. We have Korean patent and applied for the patent in US, EU, and Japan.

Starcore, China
Info: http://www.starcore.cn/

Aiming at the outstanding issue of school security, The Intelligent Campus Project provides services of safety monitoring and educational resources sharing.  This project united the technologies of cloud computing, networking and mobile Internet for the first time in China. Through the nodes of networking disposed on campus, clients can acquire campus information of security, environment, GPS and so forth, which will be uploaded to the cloud computing center and the platform of campus security system in real time, pushing to terminals of mobile phone, tablet device and PC synchronously. The core technology is the GMEDIA video optimization algorithm with proprietary intellectual property rights. This algorithm lowers the code stream by 30%. Currently, the project has been fully deployed in Zaozhuang Midtown Junshan Road Elementary School for 9 months. What’s more, over 40 elementary schools in Zaozhuang will be equipped with this system. The project is held by a development and service team that is highly educated, qualified and experienced in technical research and development. Besides, the domestic first-class engineers of J2EE and technology consultants who are leading the world in this area are all available in the project.

Tensive, Italy
Info: www.tensivemed.com

Tensive's mission is focused on the development of implantable resorbable biomaterials for the reconstruction of large bone and adipose tissue defects, caused by osteoporosis, trauma or tumor resection. Our biomaterials possess an internal channel network, replicating the blood vessel architecture. This artificial network helps the patients' bloodstream, after implantation, to deeply penetrate the material used to fill the defect, satisfying the high nutrients demand of growing tissues and accelerating the natural regeneration. Thanks to the patented technology it will be possible to reconstruct larger portion of human tissues, overcoming the size limits of the products currently available on the market. Tensive products aim to decrease patients' pain, surgery costs and reduce the surgical treatments for the reconstruction of large tissue defects.

Ttatva Innovation Labs, India
Info: http://ttatva.com / Twitter: @ttatva

Ttatva is a technology startup and their solution is targeted towards Used Car Segment. Their solution helps used car buyers/sellers make informed, intelligent decisions with detailed evaluation report on vehicle worthiness. In India, used car market is growing at 30% Y-o-Y (CRISL report) and has about 2.4 Million Cars traded every year. There is no single, independent source that could verify and evaluate a car for its worthiness. Customers, both buyers and sellers, largely (89% of market) rely on unorganized sector for used car transactions.  Ttatva interfaces with various data sources combined with physical inspection to provide unbiased and fair worthiness report to bring various facts to customers so that transactions are fair and transparent. 

UltraSmart, UAE
Info: alaeddinemokri@gmail.com

UltraSmart is an electronic device that can be connected to smartphones to add wholly new functions to them. UltraSmart can transform a smartphone to a 3D scanner, a distance or surface measurement device with a high accuracy. Through UltraSmart, apps developers can address new segments of customers such as scientists, engineers, and artists who deal with taking measurements in their day to day tasks.  UltraSmart can either be integrated in the smartphone, or in its cover, and it costs as little as 10 USD.

WayRay, LLC, Russia
Info: http://wayray.ru / https://www.facebook.com/MyWayRay

WayRay is the newest navigation system projecting augmented reality content right in front of the driver. With the focus set to infinity, this is the first AR automotive technology combining advantages of a navigator, a smartphone and an HUD. Thanks to cutting edge technology WayRay expands the boundaries of conventional driving making it safer, more efficient and enjoyable.

Observing Teams:

Alitcus, Turkey
Info: www.alictus.com

GamePho by Alictus, a game and technology start up, is turning the smartphone in your pocket into a motion-sensing game controller and you don’t need any extra device for that! Having GamePho application running on your smartphone, you can use it like a baseball bat, tennis racket or even as a lightsaber! The first GamePho-enabled games are going to be on microconsoles and are going to hit markets in Q4 2013. We are also working with a Smart TV producer in Turkey to bring GamePho experience to their Smart TVs. GamePho has a potential to bring motion-sensing game experience to any platform including smart TVs, microconsoles and set-top box devices. So, we say “if any device can be a gaming platform, then any device can be a motion-sensing gaming platform with GamePho”. Game developers can also use Alictus’ GP-SDK to turn their game into a GamePho-enabled game for free. There is already some select number of developers testing GamePho with their games.  With GamePho, we are changing the game and making the motion-sensing gaming experience affordable for everyone by bringing the experience to the most accessible place in the world, to your pockets!

Adapt, Ireland
Info: amcloughlinsutherland@gmail.com
Our revolutionary product, Bete-It, aims to help people with diabetes in ensuring they have their equipment with them at all times. Our product is an iPhone case designed to hold all the necessary items a diabetic may need. This will help teenage diabetics greatly as teenagers are always active through sport or socialisation. The Glucose meter is then connected to an App via Bluetooth. This App then analyzes your blood sample and tells you whether your blood sugar is high or low. There is a small compartment for glucose tablets for example lucozade tablets. The phones on board application will alert a person of your choice via phone call and send GPS co-ordinates if your glucose test shows up at a critical level. And they also receive a GPS location of the user and nearby hospitals, pharmacy or clinic.

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