2007 Finalist Teams


2007 Intel + Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge Participating Teams

Algorithm Innovations, Inc.:
The 3DNaviEditor™ is a patentable 3D human-computer interface device that offers six degrees-of-freedom (6DOF), as opposed to the conventional mouse’s 2DOF. Through its proprietary, patent-pending TriTiltWheel™ technology, the 3DNaviEditor™ allows the user (with one hand and no need for a surface) to directly manipulate the cursor to freely rotate on and move along all three dimensions.

With modified software, the cursor responds to commands that simulate movement in the “Z” axis creating the proprietary, patent-pending SpheriCursor™, which transforms the conventional cursor into a cursor that can not only zoom in and out, but can also rotate in three dimensions. This completely allows for dramatic improvements in user productivity and efficiency while enabling new software to be developed to access this feature.

Bayab is the creator and manufacturer of state-of-the-art CTP plates which is used in the printing process, the QA series CTP plate will be launched as the company’s first key product based on technology developed at Beijing Normal University. A breakthrough in CTP plates, QA plate is created with chemical-amplified technology and has been granted Chinese Patent Rights. All set to deliver consistent and superior print quality, the QA plate is highly recommended by Creo and Heideberg Corporation.

Chemistry Logic:
The mission of Chemistry Logic is to turn the technological benefits of reconfigurable computing into productivity enhancing tools for drug discovery chemistry. Chemistry Logic addresses the problem of exploding compound information in drug discovery. Our first product enables chemists to search interactively for chemically similar compounds in databases of ten million to hundred million compounds such as the commercially available compounds, internal compound archives, and patent databases. Our software – implemented at integrated circuit level on reconfigurable computer chips or field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) – yields 100 times faster performance than the best CPU-based implementation of competitive products.

Clean Food:
Clean Food is a Brazilian service provider Company that aims to give access to tropical food for distance countries, reducing wasting and assisting our clients with healthier and longer living fruits. Clean Food will provide an unique service for fruit producers in order not only to guarantee the compliance with sanitary restrictions through a cheaper and more effective way but mainly an outstanding commercial opportunity extending shelf life, reduce logistics costs and increase the taste of the fruit, expanding export market for Brazilian farmers. Our proposal is a recognized and safe method to treat fruits before their shipment through ionizing radiation that will both retard ripening and disinfest fruits.

ConsentWare is the breakthrough software plus hardware technology that enable the user to give his consent to electronic transactions security over the Internet. It brings a true equivalent to handwritten signatures from both the legal and the technical point of view. Our breakthrough product, Smart Pen Mouse is an ultra ergonomic pen-shaped optical mouse for everyday use that additionally enables the user to securely sign electronic transactions by just handwriting his password! Smart Pen Mouse ensures to the user that only what he intends to sign gets signed, hence captures the consent of the user securely.

Curiox Biosystems:
Founded by researchers and students from the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore, Curiox has developed a technology, called DropArray, which accelerates life science and drug discovery research. DropArray is a unique miniaturization platform, which allows researchers to conduct bioassays significantly faster and cheaper, while using less materials and maintaining the same level of flexibility and convenience as conventional platforms. Curiox envisions putting the DropArray platform into life science laboratories around the world and speeding up the discovery of life-changing therapeutics.

CyberCars, positioned as a member of Personal Transit System, is developed to deliver an affiliated method for public transportation. Characterized with safety, green, customization and comfort, it may help to affiliate the rising traffic problems in busy districts by using a fleet of low power, automatic vehicles in a relatively independent and sealed environment. It provides a dedicated system network of routes for passengers or goods and the routes chosen are completely customized. Moreover, passengers can call any “customized car” at home gates; enjoy the door-to-door convenience.

Fruition Sciences:
Summary not available.

Our business plan revolves around the polarization imaging sensor technology which is a microchip with the ability to process polarized images almost instantaneously. Utilizing this technology, our first product, ThirdEye, is a digital polarization camera which aids in the work of forensic investigators by detecting and collecting fingerprint evidences without the need for physical contact with any surface. ThirdEye increases the integrity of the latent fingerprint evidences collected with its non-invasive technique. Its real time scanning ability also increases the efficacy of the search for latent prints at crime scenes. The beauty of the polarization imaging sensor technology is its wide range of applications spanning from medical to military and this thus presents a huge market potential for this exciting technology.

Labs Technology:
A totally innovative Glaucoma test method that is used to control the visual disease called commonly “silence blindness”. In the world is so important to detect the problem earlier, it’s not reversible, and the patient have to under control forever to prevent the blindness. Globally, in 2002 more than 161 million people were visually impaired, of whom 124 million people had low vision and 37 million were blind. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness globally with 12.3%. The projected world population for year 2020, indicate a twofold increase in the magnitude of visual impairment in the world. The project developed will be able to use in effective primary eye care activities as an integral part of the primary health care system in which out results have contributed to the decline in vision loss from Glaucoma.

Magic Mirror Technology:
Since the traditional furniture brand promotion is difficult to give customers enough information about the furniture, all the furniture manufacturers, are seeking a new effective marketing method to let their potential customers have a more comprehensive, realistic, direct understanding about their furniture. Magic Mirror Technology (MMT) is an innovative 3D technology company focused on building up a new brand-promotion stage for furniture manufacturers through the use of 3D graphic technology. Through the broad and stable cooperation with furniture manufacturers, MMT will obtain and integrate the 3D model database of furniture to meet customers consuming needs and individual decoration tendency.

Navaris Medical:
Navaris Medical introduces revolutionary breast cancer surgery by enabling physicians to use navigated functional imaging intraoperatively.

Product: NetApps - SaaS 2.0 platform to create, execute and mash up business-tailored collaborative applications for SMBs
Company: MyVision Technologies LLC, Perm, Russia
Team: CEO & CTO - Alexey Kostachuk, more than 17 year experience; strong R&D team with high subject-matter expertise; strategic advisor - Alexander Sergeev (San Jose, CA)
Technology: a breakthrough technology that allows producing and managing web-based apps by specifying how business works in simple schemas; prototype being used in some companies
Total market size of SaaS: about $5b with 21% growth. Viral distribution model.
Projections: 5th year - $165m revenue
Awards: 1st place award on BIT-2007 (Russia, about 200 projects-participants).

NRG Fuels:
One of the most promising measures to combat global warming and depleting fuel supplies lies in the use of Biodiesel. As of today, biodiesel is mostly produced from of crop-based feedstock. Thus, its production is constrained by limiting factors such as availability of agricultural land, cost and ethical paradoxes of using arable land for the production of fuel rather than food.

Negev Renewable Green Fuels (‘NRG Fuels’) is a clean-tech developer of innovative microalgae growth technology for biodiesel production. The company provides a low-cost/high output solution to the problems described above by utilizing sea water, non-agricultural land and cutting-edge microalgae technology for the production of biodiesel. Another important environmental impact is due to the increased absorbance of carbon dioxide in the process of microalgae growth; a key issue in minimizing global warming and its hazardous effects.

Qmodule defines its mission as making innovative contribution to the development, production and marketing of BATTERY-FREE ELECTRONICS. Qmodule holds 4 basic international patents and demonstrated feasibility of Qmodule technologies at numerous working prototypes of battery-free consumer and industrial electronic products. Qmodule is going to launch pilot production and sales of the Qmodule battery-free products on the markets with more than $200 Bln. capacity.

Singularis (MATS):
The MATS (Mobile Anti Theft Software) is aimed to empower or enable cell phone users with a system in the mobile network, by which they can track their phones themselves in case of theft or loss. MATS , is a system that, by providing not only the location details but also the current phone number in use with the handset, uniquely tracks the mobile phone. This information is sent to a reference phone number (user’s friend’s phone) via SMS. To avail this facility each new user has to register his/her handset and set two reference numbers. In the case of theft, these would be informed about the whereabouts of the handset.

Sparsha Systems India:
Sanyog is a unique Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tool for Indian languages for the speech-impaired, cerebral palsy patients, and autistic persons. Sparsha Systems will be a start-up firm managed by the alumni, students and faculty of IIT Kharagpur, which will market quality communication empowerment systems for the disabled.

Stop Addiction!:
The Business Plan is directed to the potential investors. It describes the process of creating venture enterprise producing test-systems for the diagnostics of drug addiction in early stages and following product promotion. The market niche chosen as a result of market research is house staff recruitment agencies, specialized in nannies and nurses recruitment. Beside provision of funds project also requires assistance in organizing manufacturing company and future help with sales. An ideal approach is to develop production on some of the biotechnological parks. The exit strategy intends that the company would be affiliated or taken up by bigger market representative (strategic partner) for the purpose of further product diffusion.

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya (Computers for the Blind):
We have developed a novel computer for the blind and visually challenged. A combination of software and hardware enable users to navigate the computer interface with the aid of touch and sound feedback. Our goal is to build an open platform with a set of basic applications around which 3rd party developers may enhance the functions of the computer with their own applications - therefore enabling better access to software and online services for the blind.

Thetaris: Engineering in Finance
Financial institutions are faced with an inflation of financial products both in number and complexity. Unlike traditional engineering disciplines the financial industry did not profit from computer aided engineering software. Thetaris fills that gap with its Theta Suite software, providing the advantages of the commonly known CAD approach:
• A graphical representation of financial products that helps a layman get a rough understanding,
• a compact representation of the financial details that allows a professional to grasp them quickly,
• a computer-interpretable representation that can be evaluated and analyzed with innovative numerical methods (patent pending).

Trivial Solutions:
Trivial presents vEye, a navigation system to be used in outdoor environments and based on tactile feedback (vibration) provided by mobile phones. By using voice command recognition software, vEye can detect where the user intends to go and give him step-by-step directions for getting there by means of simple commands issued to the user via different vibration patterns. vEye intends to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and navigation information that is available today but is targeted only for people who can see (i.e. maps, signs, etc.). By providing them with the necessary means to walk through unknown environments without having to depend on anyone else vEye leads people to a much more autonomous life.


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