2006 Intel + Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge Winners

First Prize Winner
Aurora Biofuels: UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition

Aurora BioFuels is an innovative alternative energy company with a revolutionary method of creating biodiesel. Aurora’s proprietary technology, developed at the University of California, Berkeley, allows Aurora BioFuels to create biodiesel with >100X higher yields and significantly lower costs than current production methods.

Second Prize Winner

Richcore: DST-Intel Indian Innovation PioneerChallenge
Richcore lifesciences Private Limited, www.richcoreindia.com , is an innovative biotech application research company from India. The company has developed a proprietory technology which imparts hygroscopic properties to ordinary paper, enabling it to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and remain moist perpetually. The technology has applications in a wide spectrum of industries like, Healthcare, Tissue culture, Horticulture, Packaging, Food processing, Solid-state fermentation, Artificial flowers etc.

Third Prize Winners
Chilight: China College Student Business Plan Competition
LED is ideal illuminating and decorating light source, outweighing traditional light source in many aspects, especially in saving energy, protecting environment and improving health. With the support of the National Key Lab in Peking Univ., Chilight Corporation focuses on the middle of the LED industry chain, producing big power LED chips in high quality with the advanced technology of exclusive patents. Chilight aims at becoming top high technology corporation of illumination. For Chilight, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai 2010 World Expo are to be important business chances for development.

Watel Solutions: Arizona State University
In a world where clean, drinkable water is becoming a scarce resource, Watel Solutions has developed a unit that produces potable water by condensing humidity from the air. The unit's comparative benefit lies in its efficiency in producing high amounts of water per kilowatt, allowing it to be powered by solar energy. The Company's business strategy is to tap into virgin markets of the world, primarily Africa, where Watel Solutions is providing a cost-effective solution to the problem of quality and scarcity of drinkable water.

Humanitarian Award
Gravitonus GP: BIT2006 Russia
Gravitonus GP founded by two experienced medical doctors, dedicated to bringing the next wave of accessibility solutions for 700,000 handicapped people to world market. They developed an Alternative Computer Control System (ACCS) technology that helps paralyzed individuals resume active lives.


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